MSI to reveal world’s first large-sized 3D All-in-One PC at CeBIT 2010

Beginning on March 3, 2010, at CeBIT, MSI will reveal the world’s first large-sized 3D All-in-One PC with powerful computing capabilities. Taking advantage of recent advances in 3D imaging technology, MSI has integrated 3D display technology with a powerful CPU to ensure smooth, clear 3D images and a higher level of detail. The combination of 120Hz LED panel and Shutter Glass 3D glasses brings the kind of 3D video experience that you would normally only get in the movie theater right into your home. Put on the 3D glasses and touch the screen with your fingertip, and the beautiful scenery of the planet Pandora from the movie Avatar will appear right in front of you, almost as if you could reach out and touch it.