MSI Wind Netbook Love Edition to fill every corner of the globe with love

After garnering major international awards and winning over consumers worldwide, MSI Notebook has now unveiled a special charity model – the “MSI Wind Netbook Love Edition”. The new release will designated to support a range of notebook donation programs around the world for children in rural and remote areas. The donated notebooks will help those children learning valuable computer skills, connecting to world through the Internet, and narrowing the digital divide. By feedback to the community tangible ways, MSI Notebook will fill every corner of the globe with love. In a fusion of art for charity, the “MSI Wind Netbook Love Edition” features tans, bright silver and shining gold hearts pattern on a pure white chassis to convey a sense of gentle softness.

Recognizing our corporate social responsibility, MSI Notebook is taking the initiative to launch the “Love with the Wind” global charity program. This will take the form of charity donations in Taiwan, China, Poland, Ukraine, Turkey, Russia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, Korea and India to give poor children a chance to learn how to use computers.