MSI Wind Notebook to challenge Asus Eee PC?

Computex the largest computer show in Taiwan is to witness a host of next generation of new notebooks this year. MSI will present the next generation of brand new notebook computer series- MSI Wind Notebook at Computex. MSI Wind Notebook weighing approximately1 kilogram is ready to roam the web at anytime to acquire any info you need. It is like having a mobile office allowing limitless freedom. The MSI Wind Notebook is equipped with a 10 inch monitor for a better sensory enjoyment. The MSI Wind Notebook offers many detailed designs such as scratch-proof exterior so the color stays bright and the cover remains shining. The MSI Wind Notebook is excellent both inside and out. The texture of keyboard is made by the finest materials while the gaps between keys have been enlarged to 17.5 mm for better ergonomics standards. Other features include 80 GB memory storage capacity and Windows operating system.

The selection of colors includes imperial black, angelic white, loving pink and others providing everyone with the means of demonstrating their very own individualism, regardless if you are a stylish gentlemen or an elegant lady.