MSI X58M mainboard- first MSI product to be certified Windows 7 capable

MSI X58M mainboard is the first product to be certified Windows 7 capable for MSI. The soon to be released Windows 7, though an extension of the Windows Vista core architecture, is more user-friendly and has been optimized to use less system resources. The MSI X58M mainboard based on X58 chipset supports Intel’s latest Core i7 CPU. It does not only bring to bare the powerful X58 chipset technology, but is packaged into a smaller MicroATX form factor design for exceptional functionality and expandability in a tinier form.The MSI X58M includes an extra PCI-E x 16 slots on its small MicroATX form factor for a total of two PCI-E x16 slots. This feature allows it to support both NVIDIA’s SLI and ATI’s CrossFireX dual-graphics cards technologies for an easy and optimal graphical performance expansion.

The especially small MSI X58M equips 6 phase power design for its PWM which fully supports the Intel Core i7 line of CPUs. MSI X58M mainboard uses a true Blu-ray hi-def sound ALC889S audio chip, and also includes support for 7.1 sound channels, DTS, Dolby and other sound technologies. With such hi-def Blu-ray audio support, the X58M brings you closer to the action.