Murata develops world’s smallest micro DC-DC converter

Murata has successfully developed the world’s smallest micro DC-DC converter. The micro DC-DC converter features ultra-compact size and suppression of EMI noise. We are certain that this converter will greatly contribute to miniaturizing mobile devices while they continue to provide even greater functionality. The line-up has been expanded to include four series and some series are already installed in SmartPhones.

Features of Murata micro DC-DC converter:-Achieved a ferrite substrate with an embedded inductor and EMI filter feature by combining areas of engineering for materials, multi-layer processing, and circuit design that we have developed over the years. Achieved the world’s smallest sizes by mounting a power IC and I/O capacitor to a ferrite substrate. Achieved the shortest wiring by integrating the power IC and inductor. Embedded an EMI suppression filter; reduced harmonic noise. Supports up to a maximum load current of 3.0A (on the LXDC55B series). Supports voltage step-up (on the LXDC44A series).