NEC Expands Lineup of 15-Inch LCD Modules for Industrial Equipment

NEC LCD Technologies today introduced two new 15-inch amorphous-silicon color thin-film-transistor (TFT) liquid crystal display (LCD) modules with extended graphics array (XGA) resolution for industrial equipment such as factory automation controllers, measuring instruments, automatic teller machine (ATM) terminals, kiosks and point-of-sale (POS) systems. The NL10276BC30-32 is a standard product with brightness of 250 candelas per square meter (cd/m2), while the NL10276BC30-33 has brightness of 350 cd/m2. Both NEC 15-Inch LCD modules conform to the Panel Standardization Working Group (PSWG) standards for 15-inch LCD modules.

Both NEC 15-Inch LCD modules will be displayed at FPD International 2007, which is being held at the Pacifico Yokohama, Japan, from October 24 – 26. Availability of samples is scheduled for October – December 2007. Pricing and availability are subject to change.