NEC Express5800 Scalable HA Server features Intel Xeon 7400-series processors

NEC today announced the worldwide sales launch of its business-oriented Express5800 Scalable HA Server. The NEC Express5800 Scalable HA Server features state-of-the-art multi-core “Intel Xeon 7400-series” processors, with as many as 6-cores per processor. High-speed inter-box interconnect, “HSI” (High Speed Interconnect), technology enables seamless expansion of 4U boxes to multiple boxes, supporting up to 96-cores/16 processors. Each box is equipped with 32 base memory slots. The maximum configuration supports 128 memory slots that may accommodate a maximum of 1TB of memory.

The NEC 4U Box (drive housing) can be equipped with a 24-core/4 processor “Express5800/A1040” entry module or the scalable “Express5800/A1160” module, with a capacity of 96-core/16 processors, which offer mainframe-class reliability and high scalability to enable large-scale server consolidation.