NEC Express5800/ft series fault-tolerant server

The new Fault-Tolerant NEC Express5800/ft series model, 320Fc-MR, is the first server product designed under the joint development agreement signed by NEC and Massachusetts-based Stratus Technologies, Inc. in November 2005.In addition to enhancing its Gemini Engine chipset that NEC designed to ensure lockstep processing in redundant components, the 320Fc-MR features up to two Quad-Core Intel Xeon Processor X5355 and a 1333MHz front side bus, achieving up to five times the processing power of the previous single-core processor models. NEC’s fault-tolerant servers address planned and unplanned downtime through its dual modular architecture, which enables the active and physically replicated modules to process the same instructions simultaneously. In the event of a hardware failure, the replicated module continues normal operation, ensuring transparent failover and system integrity.

Supporting Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition,the NEC 320Fc-MR is also the first ft series model to support Red Hat Enterprise Linux v.4. The NEC Express5800/320Fc-MR will first go on sale in Japan and North America on July 9, 2007, followed by Asia Pacific market launch at a later date.