NEC MultiSync LCD1990FX and LCD1990FXp displays

The newest displays in NEC’s professional MultiSync 90-series, the MultiSync LCD1990FX and the LCD1990FXp have 150-mm height-adjustable stands, pivot for either portrait or landscape mode, and contain ultra-thin borders around the screen to save space – especially useful in multiple-monitor setups. The MultiSync LCD1990FXp boasts the world’s thinnest side bezel at just under 7-mm thick – 42 percent thinner than the company’s current ultra-thin-bezels. The LCD1990FX / LCD1990FXp displays also include a quick-release stand and enhanced cable management. The XtraView Technology provides the widest viewing angle – 178 degrees – ideal for crowded trading room floors and offices when multiple users are situated around one display. In addition to features and performance, both the new MultiSync FX and FXp displays deliver Intelligent Power Management (IPM), which draws just 40 watts during use, and AmbiBright technology, which automatically adjusts the display backlight depending on the brightness of ambient lighting conditions.

The new NEC MultiSync LCD1990FX and the LCD1990FXp displays are RoHS compliant, containing fully disposable plastics, and are free of hazardous materials such as lead, hex-chrome, cadmium, mercury, PBDE and PBB.The NEC MultiSync LCD1990FXp/ LCD1990FX / measures 392.2 (W) x 408.9 ~ 558.9 (H) x 247.3 (D) mm,weighs approximately 8.0kg with stand. Model LCD1990FXp is available from July31st for102,900 Yen ($880).
Via NEC (Japanese)