NTT Announces World’s 1st Speech-recognition API for Multiple Browsers at No Charge

NTT_World’s 1st Speech-recognition API for Multiple BrowsersNTT Communications announced today the world’s first speech-recognition application programming interface (API) compatible with multiple browsers, available for no charge on SkyWay, the company’s open platform for Web-based (browser) real-time communications (WebRTC), effective immediately. SkyWay is NTT Com’s free platform for leveraging WebRTC technologies. NTT Com also announced today new English-based features of the platform for easier application development, such as a screen-sharing library, multi-party library that connects multiple users, Web of Thing (WoT) sample code, and security guideline.

The speech-recognition API is programmed with JavaScript for multiple browsers, so users do not need to install new software. Also, SkyWay provides its own speech-recognition server, which recognizes spoken voices with high speed and high precision, leveraging the latest technologies of NTT Laboratories. The speech-recognition API is currently compatible with Chrome, Firefox and Opera, and Microsoft’s Edge is planned to be added. The service, now available only in Japanese, will be launched in English at an undetermined point in the future.

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