NU launches worlds slimmest portable external Blu-Ray writer

NU today announced the launch of world slimmest portable external Blu-Ray writer, EBR240. The portable Blue-Ray writer with USB bus power supports a maximum recording and burning speed up to BD-R 6X and BD-RE 2X. NU EBR240 supports dual layer burning on storage and backup on BD or BD-RE disc and the capacity is five times compared to a dual layer DVD disc. NU EBR240 with SmoothLink Buffer Under-run Prevention technology prevents buffer under-run errors and secures stability when writing. Furthermore, it can automatically adjust the writing speed to minimize disc error when using poor quality media during high-speed recording.

This new NU ultra-slim size Blu-Ray makes itself the best companion of laptop by offering at a weight only 380g with the dimensions of 155x141x18mm. It can be powered through an USB cable from the laptop instead of a traditional power adapter. This portability eliminates the trouble for power socket searching