OCZ unveils the PC Power & Cooling Silencer Mk III 1200 Watt Power Supply

OCZ unveiled the Silencer Mk III 1200W Power Supply from PC Power & Cooling. Offering industrial-grade performance and stability for demanding computing environments in a new maximum wattage option, the Silencer Mk III meets the highest rated efficiency and provides ultra-quiet operation in a modular design. The industrial-grade yet refined Mk III 1200W is the Silencer Series’ most comprehensively powerful solution yet.

Meeting the stringent 80 Plus Platinum certified rating for the highest energy efficiency rating possible, the 1200W Mk III features over 92% efficiency at typical workloads. A new feature on this latest model is the Dual Thermal Control System, a sophisticated operation that allows the user to switch the PSU between normal and silent mode seamlessly, working in conjunction with the load and temperature controlled 140mm fan for ultra-quiet operation.

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