OCZ AM2 Optimized 8GB Quad Memory Kit for AMD AM2 platform

am2%20B.jpgThe new OCZ Technology PC2-5400 Titanium module is designed exclusively for the AMD AM2 platform and is custom-tailored to the extended column address range of the AM2 memory controller. With a doubled page size, access penalties are reduced to ultimately improve system performance. Used on the AM2 platform, the architecture of these modules is particularly beneficial for large CAD model processing and memory intense graphics applications such as filters in Adobe Photoshop or video processing. The new Titanium AM2 Special modules take advantage of the AM2 controller’s feature set and provide a single rank solution with 2GB density using “16k” pages. This allows the controller to stay “in page” twice as long compared to standard memory architectures, thereby achieving unparalleled performance.

The OCZ Technology PC2-5400 AM2 Special modules are optimized for 64-bit operating systems. Each module is 100% hand-tested for quality assurance and compatibility and feature high quality, titanium-mirrored XTC heatspreaders for the most effective heat dissipation.