OCZ Announces PC Power & Cooling Silencer line of power supplies

OCZ today announced the release of all-new additions to the Silencer line of power supplies from PC Power & Cooling including a 500W EPS12V and Dell compatible model. The efficient and economical 370W, 420W, and 500W Silencers offer mainstream system builders and professionals a robust power resource at an affordable price point. PC Power & Cooling designed the Silencer 370, 420, and 500 with a single +12 Volt Rail for optimum power distribution to all components. All the new Silencer models are certified under the 80+ efficiency program so they run cool and save on utility power.
The Silencer 370, 420, and 500 offers a range of power for mainstream gaming, home theatre, and work station PCs. The 500W series features a specialized Dell version that allows Dell owners to upgrade their systems with the latest components including any of the new power-hungry high-performance video cards. Ideal for PC users who prefer a straight-forward, value-minded PSU, the Silencer 370, 420, and 500 provide cool, quiet, and reliable power.

All Silencer power supplies are backed by a leading 5-Year warranty commitment and the in-depth knowledge of PC Power & Cooling technical support.