OCZ EliteXStream Power Supply features a Powerful Single-Rail Design

OCZ EliteXStream power supply family is the top choice for high-powered gaming systems and workstations. Designed to offer the consumer market an enthusiast-grade computer power supply with a state-of-the-art architecture, the OCZ EliteXStream is the ultimate power solution for those that require the ultra-efficient, advanced reliability, high-wattage solutions for leading-edge gaming machines. Each powerful yet energy-efficient EXS model is certified under the 80+ efficiency program so they run cool and save on utility power
OCZ designed the 800W and 1000W EliteXStream for optimum power distribution to all components by utilizing the highly efficient “single +12V rail” design perfected by PC Power & Cooling. This trail-blazing approach to +12V rail design ends the need to budget power “across the rails” as is the case with the less effective multi-rail design found in the vast majority of high-performance PSUs on the market today.

The OCZ EliteXStream will provide stable, well distributed, certified power to today’s most power hungry platforms and beyond. The OCZ EliteXStream will be available in 800W and 1000W configurations, delivering up to 1KW of continuous power through a complete array of connectors including four 8 pin (6+2) PCI-E and 17 drive connectors and is kept supremely cool with a large 120mm fan and features a standard ATX power supply form factor.