OCZ launches World’s fastest 4GB Kit

OCZ PC2-9200 Flex II Series is designed for blazing speeds demanded by enthusiasts. These premium modules run at incredibly fast DDR2-1150 speeds for high-performance systems with integrated water-cooling. Designed to the very core to offer enthusiasts the thermal management innovation of hybrid water and passive cooling, the new OCZ PC2-9200 Flex II Series offers rock-solid stability and performance for your high-end gaming or overclocking system.
Each OCZ PC2-9200 Flex II memory module features the breakthrough thermal management technology from OCZ. Combining an effective new heatspreader design with integrated liquid injection system and dedicated channels directly over the module’s ICs, Flex II effectively dissipates heat produced by high-speed memory.

The OCZ PC2-9200 Flex II modules are optimized for the latest cutting edge platforms and will be available in high-capacity 4GB (2x2048MB) dual channel kits. In its continued effort to make overclocking a user-friendly pastime, OCZ includes all the necessary accessories right in the box to setup your unique water-cooling system immediately after purchase, without the inconvenience of searching for additional hardware