OCZ premium laptop upgrade memory-PC2-6400 2GB SODIMM

OCZ Technology Group released a high-speed addition to their line of premium laptop upgrade memory- PC2-6400 2GB SODIMM modules. These performance memory modules are built to handle the powerful processors and other high-end components of enthusiast and professional notebooks. The new OCZ PC2-6400 2GB and 4GB kit upgrades offer the ultimate balance of speed and capacity. Even working with another operating system, the everyday consumer using their laptop for picture editing, music, and videos can benefit from having this substantial boost in storage and performance.

OCZ modules are priced aggressively for enthusiasts or everyday consumers using their laptops for gaming, high-performance software, and intense applications. They will be available in 2GB modules and 4GB (2x2GB) kits rated to run 5-5-5 timings for exceptional system performance. Each OCZ module comes backed with industry-leading technical support and the OCZ Lifetime Warranty, ensuring complete product satisfaction for unparalleled peace of mind.