OKI launches DICOM-embedded LED Printer Range in Europe

OKI Data Corporation, an OKI Group company specializing in printer business, launched its new range of DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) embedded printers aimed at the specialist medical imaging market in Europe. OKI is the first company to introduce LED-based print solutions, which are significantly faster, more flexible and cost-effective than existing DICOM solutions based on film or solid ink technologies. DICOM is the primary international standard for the handling, storing, printing and transmission of medical imaging and other related information. A DICOM Print Server is fully embedded in the new OKI A3 and A4 printers, so there is no need for conversion software or external hardware.

Medical institutes no longer have to settle for expensive printing on specialist media and devices. Medical images such as x-rays, nuclear medicine, MRI and CT scans and ultrasounds can be printed on a range of media, in High Definition color for non-diagnostic purposes such as medical discussions or for clients or patients to take away. The new DICOM range comprises four products: the C610 DM and C711 DM are A4 printers and C831 DM and C910 DM offer A3 options. Each product has a DICOM Print Server embedded and provides color or mono output.

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