Panasonic multi-band wireless communication technology makes linking devices simpler and realizing a safer and more comfortable life

Panasonic today announced that it has developed a new multi-band wireless communication technology that enables low powered stable communication through simple wireless connections between devices of different standards. Devices equipped with this technology will be able to support all the frequency bands of wireless sensor networks and realize energy savings of 30% of the power of conventional single band wireless blocks. These technologies will accelerate the spread of M2M (Machine to Machine) Sensor Networks that support cloud-based data exchange without human intervention.

The development combines all of the tuning circuits which had previously been necessary for each frequency band, allowing for a stable connection to the network regardless of the location and the wireless standard of the device. In addition, by detecting the radio frequency component directly, a reduction in the size of the chip and its power consumption has also been achieved. In applications where they power supply can be problematic, sensor network radio powered by batteries have become possible. Through this technology, connecting devices and equipment will become easier, accelerating the development of a new business model for cloud applications.

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