Panasonic Starts Mass-Production of industry’s highest-capacity lithium-ion battery for laptops and other mobile devices

Panasonic began the mass production of 18650-type high-capacity 3.1 Ah lithium-ion battery this month. The new Panasonic 3.1 Ah battery has a nickel positive electrode and an energy density of 675 Wh/L. The same types of batteries are widely used in laptop computers. Panasonic achieved safety and high capacity by using its unique Heat Resistance Layer (HRL) technology that forms an insulating metal oxide layer between the positive and negative electrodes. The layer prevents the battery from overheating even if a short circuit occurs.

The new Panasonic lithium-ion battery provides long-lasting power to laptops. This high energy density battery can also contribute to downsizing and weight reduction of portable devices. With adoption of the nickel positive electrode, the new rechargeable battery excels in durability in actual use and charge retention – the battery can be stored for a long period of time because of low self-discharge.