Panasonic to increase Annual Production Output of Dual-wavelength High-power Laser to 300 Million Units

Panasonic has achieved the cumulative sales quantity for its dual-wavelength high-power laser for DVD recorders to 300 million units in April, 2010. The production of dual-wavelength high-power laser started the first time in the industry in June 2006. Now, under the favorable demand of the personal computers, Panasonic will increase monthly production to 25 million units (300 million annually) for the latter half of this fiscal year. The Panasonic dual-wavelength high-power laser has been highly reputed for its quality and stable supply. The device offers several advantages in comparison to the use of single wavelength lasers as it combines two laser wavelengths, an infrared beam (with a wavelength of 780 nm, for CD use) and a red beam (with a wavelength of 650 nm, for DVD use), in a single chip.

As result, light source point adjustment is unnecessary, the optical pickup system can be simplified, and the number of peripheral parts can be halved. In fiscal 2010, production will be doubled to 25 million units per month to meet the market demands supported by the robust business of personal computers in the BRICs markets.