PC Koubou Japan multi out put PC

PC Koubou Japan sells the BTO SCENAGE SL504MULTI computer with 3 monitors or 5 monitors support. The PC uses ATI Fire MV2200 (64MB/PCI) for 3 monitor support and ATI Fire MV2400 (128MB/PCI) for 5 monitor support. The build-to-order (BTO) PC is made especially for financial and corporate marketplaces like stock market, video seminar etc.With BTO option; customer can configure the system to his need. The basic specs are: – CPU Celeron D 346 (3.06GHz), memory 512MB, Intel 915GV chip set mother board, 160GB HDD, ATI Fire MV2200 video card and Windows XP Home Edition (SP2) etc.

As for external interface -USB 2.0×6, Gigabit Ethernet and the serial port ×2, mini- D-Sub15 pin and audio input/output etc. The PC Koubou PC measures approximately 94×330×320mm.
Via PC Koubou (Japanese)