Planex IEEE802.11g compliant 2LAN Access Point

The new GW-AP54SP-P from Planex Communications Inc is an IEEE802.11g compliant 2LAN Access Point, which provides a powerful high-speed wireless connection for compatible wireless-enabled devices into the network with the freedom to roam. The Planex GW-AP54SP-P support Wirelesses ISP (Internet Service Providers) function is companies that provide Internet access through Wi-Fi. Wireless ISP provides high-speed access to the Internet. Depending on the service package you get from your provider.

Standard features include: – Web interface management, Adjustable TX rate and SSID broadcast support DHCPPPPoE, PPTP, L2TP and support 802.1x / Radius client with EAP-MD5, TKIP and AES encryption etc. The Planex GW-AP54SP-P measures 90 x 134 x 29 mm.