Plextor PX-240A Ultimate 3-in-1 CD-RW Drive

The new PX-240A Ultimate 3-in-1 CD-RW Drive from Plextor offers all the advantages and quality of our legendary DVD products. It supports blazing fast 52X burns on CD-R media and 32X burns on CD-RW media. It’s completely Windows Vista ready and RoHS compliant. The PX-240A 3-in-1 CD-RW drive delivers lightening fast CD recording speeds of 52X CD-R and 32X CD-RW, as well as 52X CD-ROM playback, with broad-base CD media compatibility. The Plextor PX-240A drive features a 2MB buffer and Buffer Under run Proof Technology to prevent buffer under run errors and allow multi-tasking.

High-quality Digital Audio Extraction (DAE) eliminates pops, clicks, and hisses for superior sound quality. The PX-240A also supports Ultra DMA-2 for fast data transfer, and S/PDIF connector for digital audio equipment.Plextor’s PX-240A CD-RW drive is available with a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price of $59.00 USD.