PQI Cool Drive U350 World’s First Pen like Retractable USB Flash Drive

Power Quotient International (PQI) released a world’s first, mechanical pen-like USB flash drive – Cool Drive U350. The design focus is aimed at the user by constructing a USB flash drive to have mechanisms of an everyday pen. This design not only provides maximum protection for the USB connector, it also solves the problem of people frequently losing their USB flash drive lids. When unplugging Cool Drive U350, once safely removed from your system, place your fingertips on the sides and in one single motion, pull Cool Drive U350 out and the USB connector head will automatically retract into the main body offering the flash drive maximum protection .PQI Cool Drive U350 comes with USB Notebook Professional security and personal management software.

Power Quotient International (PQI) is a manufacturer of memory modules and flash memory products and is one of the three largest producers of memory products in Taiwan. Power Quotient International headquarters is in Taipei, Taiwan. The cool pen like USB flash drive – Cool Drive U350 measures 77.55 x 15.90 x 11.40 mm and weighs approximately 15.53g.
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