PQI Enthusiast DDR3~1333 Modules

PQI, Taiwan have officially announced a 240-pin DDR3-1333 using a 8-bit prefetch buffer design operating at a clock speed of 1333MHz with a low 1.5~1.7V low power consumption. The PQI DDR3 modules can operate at twice (800~1600MHz) the speed of DDR2 modules, JEDEC specifications. In compliance with JEDEC’s DDR3 specifications, PQI’s DDR3-1333 module consists of eight 80nm (128MB x 8) Samsung chips that dramatically reduces power consumption, heat dissipation and in turn aids in its’ over clocking abilities. The use of FBGA package chips results in less contact points between the chip and PCB thus reduces error data transmissions and improves transfer rate.

PQI’s DDR3-1333 module offers high clock speed, low power consumption and high efficiency. Compatible with Intel’s latest X38 chipset motherboards, it is a must have for PC enthusiasts.