PQI Intelligent Stick Pro 220

PQI (Taiwan) today announced the Intelligent Stick Pro 220, a USB key with up to a maximum of 2 GB memory-similar to Sony’s Pocket Mini announced late last week. Intelligent Stick Pro 220 is in compliance with USB 2.0 / 1.1 specifications. Without the need for a card reader, it can be plugged directly into any USB port and because of its minute size; it can also be used as a flash card for devices with Intelligent Stick Interface port. Included with every Intelligent Stick Pro 220 is USB Notebook Professional – personal file management software. Capable of synchronizing with Microsoft Outlook, you can take your emails with you everywhere you go.

The PQI Intelligent Stick Pro 220 is encased in a navy blue shell weighing in at 2.7grams, 2.8mm thin, its 512MB ~ 2GB capacity and transfer rate performance will serve users well along with Windows Vista’s ReadyBoost technology. Given Intelligent Stick Pro 220’s size, ultra fast transfer rates and dual functionality, it is the perfect gadget for people living in the digital world.