PQI launches Traveling Disk U275L with Extendable Push Pen-Style Patented Mechanism

PQI has unveiled the Traveling Disk U275L. With the world’s only extendable push pen-style patented mechanism, special considerations have been made for user operating requirements. With a mechanical pencil-style push design concept, the USB connector extends out for instant and effortless use. Push once again and the connector conveniently retracts to not only provide protection, but also immediately solve the annoying problem of cap loss. In addition to the Traveling Disk U275L’s ‘Push! Push!’ extendable pen design that gives consumers handier, faster, and more convenient use, the exterior features clean, clever lines in a brilliant, refined and clean white color for a bright, dazzling mirror effect.

The easy and effortless one finger ‘Push Push’ operation reveals a graceful and dazzling sense of style, while different capacity offerings from 4GB to 32GB give consumers a range of options while supporting hot swap and plug-n-play.