PQI launches worlds First Single Stick 4GB TURBO DDR3 2000

PQI today announced world’s first release of a single stick 4GB TURBO DDR3 2000 memory module. It doubles the advantage with 4GB capacity and 2000MHz speed. PQI 4GB TURBO DDR3 2000 memory module is perfect for gamers and enthusiasts alike while exceeding all their expectations! PQI’s 4GB Immortality TURBO DDR3 2000 uses original manufacturer’s 256×8 BGA modules to create a 12GB Kit (4GBx3) and an 8GB Kit (4GBx2), satisfying dual and tri-channel enthusiasts’ needs.

Before leaving the factory, all memory modules have been rigorously tested with mainstream enthusiast grade motherboards. It also comes with a unique exterior, phoenix engraved aluminum heat spreaders as a display of its outstanding qualities and extreme performances. The built-in XMP (Extreme Memory Profiles) even allow beginners to overclock like a pro at the press of a button.