PQI Limited Fortune Pig Edition Card Drive U510

To celebrate the Year of the Pig, PQI released a Limited Fortune Pig Edition Card Drive U510. Using hairline treated surface and traditional Chinese New Year red and gold, symbolizing prosperity, joy, happiness, sincerity and all other good things to kick off the New Year. With two designs, a peony at the bottom right corner surrounded by fortune pigs (2GB) or a single spring (New Year) greeting fortune pig (1GB), it signifies a prosperous Chinese Pig New Year. PQI limited Fortune Pig Edition Card Drive U510 is only 3mm thin, offers large storage capacities and security countermeasures. The PQI patented Intelligent Stick interface (compatible with USB 2.0) and retractable cable is able to reach those tight angled and / or cornered USB ports. A carrying bag and personal file management software, USB Notebook Professional are included with every purchase.

USB Notebook Professional allows you to take all your personal or work data with you everywhere and it is sure to keep your data safe from unauthorized access. Only a combined volume of 1500 sets will be produced or more specifically, 1000 units of 1GBs and 500 units of 2GBs. PQI Limited Fortune Pig Edition Card Drive U510 is a true collector’s delight to get hands on it.

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