PQI microSD Mobile Dongle Card Reader S721

PQI’s S721 ultra mini card reader is available in three colors (orange-yellow, blue and florescent red see through casing) for users to select a color most suited to their mobile phones. PQI’s S721 is easy to use, insert your microSD card into the card slot and plug the USB connection to the PC and it’s ready to read and write from the card. It is a mobile phone accessory and supports microSDHC, making it future specification proof! PQI’s S721 is as small as a mobile dongle accessory and is hot swappable and plug and play compatible. PQI is offering a S721 mobile dongle card reader free with the purchase of a PQI microSD memory card.

The PQI S721 mobile dongle card reader and microSD save users the hassle of going out searching for a card reader that may be too bulky to carry around and in turn, offers more value for less!