PQI Traveling Disk i221 Colorful and Stylish USB flash drives

The colorful and stylish PQI Traveling Disk i221 series is here, available in white with green trim, black with orange trim and white with red trim, all in piano lacquer finish. The PQI USB flash drives i221 looks more like a decoration item than a storage device. Incorporating PQI’s own Intelligent Stick technology, it is compatible with USB 2.0 and 1.1 specifications including hot swappable, plug and play and low power consumption functions. Designed to be able to stand upright, PQI i221 fits right into your desktop stationary goods with its good looks as a decorative item. A dongle hole is available for users to string a strap to hang the drive around their necks. The flash drive is compatible with OS Windows Vista, XP, 2000, Mac 9.X, Mac 10.X.

PQI Traveling Disk i221 series also offers larger than normal capacities ranging from 512MB to 16GB to make sure users have plenty of storage space to work with. The USB flash drives i221 measures 63 x 21 x 11.1 mm, weighs 10g ± 0.2g and comes with Lifetime warranty.