Razer and XiaoFeng “Sky” Li develops Gaming keyboard- Razer Aurantia for Chinese Gamers

Razer announced the launch of the Razer’s entry level gaming keyboard- Razer Aurantia, exclusive for Chinese gamers. With 104 fully programmable keys, the Razer Aurantia empowers gamers to play at unprecedented speeds activated at a mere touch of a button. Coupled with drivers which support macros and unique gaming profiles, the ultra-portable Razer Aurantia is designed to allow gamers to dominate in games. The 10 customizable profiles allow storage of individual keyboard configurations for up to 10 games with the Razer Aurantia’s software profiles. Additionally, the Razer Aurantia also sports gaming function keys which can disable the Windows key, switch profiles and switch off the volume in-game, all without ever disrupting gameplay.

The Razer Aurantia (China Pro-Gaming Edition) was co-developed with, and endorsed by, XiaoFeng “Sky” Li, who plays on Team World Elite’s Warcraft III team. Known globally as one of the greatest Warcraft III players, Sky’s feedback was invaluable in the creation of the Razer Aurantia for gamers in China. The Razer Aurantia will be sold together with the Razer Salmosa (China Pro-Gaming Edition) as a bundle, at an MSRP of RMB 399($ 58) by mid July in China.