Razer DeathAdder 3G Infrared Sensor Gaming Mouse

The new Razer DeathAdder Gaming Mouse boasts the groundbreaking 3G infrared sensor technology that ensures perfect control over the mouse in any gaming arena. The deadly 1800 dots per inch (dpi) 3G infrared sensor when paired with 1000 Hz Ultrapolling and 1ms response provides pinpoint accuracy and lightning fast speed. The Razer DeathAdder also possess zero-acoustic Ultraslick Teflon feet and award-winning On-the-Fly Sensitivity drivers, to make this undoubtedly the finest gaming mouse. Razor’s 3G infrared sensor technology is fully optimized for high speed motions, factors that are critical to high performance gamers. The 3G infrared sensor also minimizes the lift-off distance of the mouse and disables surface tracking immediately when the mouse is lifted off, thus rectifying swiping issues.

This is good news to gamers, as what was once considered a serious hindrance in professional gaming is now history. The right-handed ergonomic design with rubber coated buttons provides slip-resistant grip and improved comfort during intensive game play. The Razer DeathAdder will be availabel before Christmas for approximately $60.
Via – Razerzone