Risks of not doing online backup of PC

Online backup is one thing whose importance is not understood properly by mainstream consumers. People don’t realize how important it is to safeguard important data. Just imagine what it would be to lose all your important data with just one hard drive crash.

Imagine this: Earlier today you had a hard disk crash, you rushed to your local PC shop, bought a replacement and installed it. It’s now 3am, you’re on your 3rd double espresso (or poison of choice), Windows is installed and you want your data back:
And guess what as you have no backup there would be no data to retrieve!
So in conclusion, some rules to consider:
· Keep everything – don’t bother archiving except to a subfolder on your computer.
· Backup frequently, if you backup OS and data separately, do backup the OS regularly.
· Test the restore process often
· Know where your backups are
· Ensure any long term backups are a) still accessible, and b) readable, c) meaningful.
[This was a guest post by Ritchie, an online backup expert]