Sagem Zen Cube aromatherapy at the office for a daily dose of zen

Sagem Communication has improved the workplace atmosphere thanks to a brand new concept in office aromatherapy: the Zen Cube. The Zen Cube diffuses in the office an ambiance perfume specially developed by aroma therapists. The system works with the Sagem MF 44&54 range of multifunction printers, by attaching to the machine’s ventilation slots. The perfume is diffused upon each printing (or receiving of a fax), with the activation of the ventilation system. The warm air (27° C) expelled by the machine slowly and steadily diffuses the perfume in the office via the Zen Cube, thereby creating a new workplace atmosphere.

The Sagem Zen Cube is available with 6 fragrances to choose from in three ranges: soothing, purifying and invigorating.