Samsung Magic Station BP 60 Multicore Desktop PC

Samsung Electronics on Tuesday unveiled a desktop PC with a next generation CPU, Intel’s Core 2 Quad. With Core 2 Quad, the Magic Station BP 60 has as many as four built-in cores, which dramatically expands its multitasking ability, the firm says The Samsung Magic Station BP 60 PC comes with a 1GB DDR2 667MHz memory, 320 GB SATA2 hard disk and NVIDIA GeForce 7650 512MB graphic card. Samsung Electronics said that Quad Core CPU with four cores had previously been used for servers or some desktop PCs for professional use.

Samsung expects the model to become popular among users who play 3D games and want HD images and digital media editing that requires high specification. The Samsung Magic Station BP 60 will be available in January 2007 approximately for W2.2 million (US$2365).