Samsung MLC based 128GB solid state drives enters in Volume Production

Samsung has begun mass producing 1.8- and 2.5-inch multi-level cell (MLC)-based solid state drives (SSD) with a 128 GB storage capacity. Mass production of the Samsung MLC-based 64GB SSD also began this month. Samsung SSDs feature far greater reliability, faster boot times and faster application start-up times than hard disk drives. Power consumption for the Samsung SSD is exceptionally low in standby mode at approximately 0.2 watts and in active mode at 0.5 watts. Featuring a 3.0 gigabit-per-second interface, the 128GB MLC-based SSD consists of 64 MLC NAND flash memory chips of 16 gigabits each, optimized single-chip controller technology and advanced flash-management firmware technology.

The Samsung MLC-based SSD with a write speed of 70MB/s and a read speed of 90MB/s last approximately 20 times longer than the generally accepted 4-5 year life span of a notebook PC hard drive. Enclosed in a brushed metallic casing, Samsung MLC based 128 GB SSD measures 100mm x 69.8mm and is only 9.5mm thick.