Samsung’s new business monitor Line-up offer high image quality and enhanced functionality

Samsung America today announced three new lines of monitors designed to serve virtually any business need. Featuring the latest in LED technology, the new SC200, SC450 and SC650 Series monitors offer a better viewing experience and more functionality, while reducing the total cost of ownership, making them ideal for business users of any size and budget. The new thin-bezel designs make the SC200, SC450, and SC650 Series monitors simple and easy to install in a multiple monitor arrangement, increasing the users’ screen real estate for maximum productivity.

Ergonomic stands in all the models tilt for comfortable viewing in a variety of applications, while the SC450 and SC650 Series also include a fully height adjustable stand with swivel and rotate features for increased flexibility. The new lineup features a range of display products that deliver a perfect balance between an excellent user experience and lower cost of ownership. The image quality, coupled with Samsung’s legacy of success in the display industry, make the SC200, SC450 and SC650 Series ideal options for IT decision makers in technology departments in businesses of all sizes and vertical markets.

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