Sanwa launches inexpensive pen tablet 400-TBL001

Sanwa Japan announced the launch of pen tablet 400-TBL001.Available directly from Sanwa, this inexpensive tablet costs approximately 4,980 yen ($62). Pressure sensitive stage is 1,024, with a resolution of 2,560 LPI, reading accuracy is ± 0.25mm, the read speed of 100 points / sec, read advanced 7mm, read range 125 × 88mm. There are 28 shortcuts for daily use on the tablet.

In addition, the surface becomes a translucent sheet, so you can be traced across the body, such as between the photos. The pen is equipped with a two-button, operating with one AAA battery.
Sanwa pen tablet 400-TBL001 measures 208 × 200 × 10.3mm and weighs about 348g. The Pen size is 13 × 135mm. The USB Interface cable length is 1.5m. The Tablet supports Windows XP/Vista7.

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