Sanyo and IBM launch World’s First Rear Door Server Rack Refrigerant-Type Multi-Air Conditioning Service

Sanyo and IBM Japan together announce the world’s first energy-conserving air conditioner service for server rooms with rack-type servers. The service, combining IBM’s patented technology for directly attaching heat exchange equipment to the rear door of server racks and SANYO’s leading commercial-use multi-air conditioning technology, has improved dramatically the cooling effectiveness for rack-type servers as compared to installing new air conditioning equipment in server rooms. Together with Sanyo’s newly developed enegreen Multi-Server Cooler, IBM will sell and provide the installation service under the name of IBM Refrigeration Rear Door Heat eXchanger.

The cost for this new service, which includes up to 3 racks, will be approximately 18,000,000 yen ($157,528) including the external units and standard construction fare and will require 2.5 months from the time of order to delivery.