Shuttle simple-and-smart PC – K58

green_product.jpgShuttle today announced to add a revolutionary simple-and-smart PC – K58 to it KPC series lineup. Succeeding the easy, quiet, and green features of its KPC series, K58 fulfills further entertainment needs by providing an optical drive bay. It is more than adequate for watching videos, checking emails, browsing the web, or working with office documents. The customizable front panel -MyKover is designed to let users to express personal styles. Creating a stylish look by inserting memorial photos behind the crystal panel or download panel images from Shuttle’s website directly.

With the Intel’s all new Atom technology, the Shuttle K58 has an extremely efficient power saving function. The K58 draws less power than 30W in idle mode and 44W in full load mode. All KPC components follow strict standards of RoHS.