Shuttle XPC Prima SP35P2 Pro for extreme gamers

Shuttle today announced the launch of its top gamers’ platform XPC Prima series – the Shuttle XPC Prima SP35P2 Pro platform for extreme gamers. The Shuttle XPC Prima series SP35P2 Pro supports the latest Intel multi-core processors up to 1333MHz FSB, accommodating up to 8GB of DDR2-800 memory in a pair of dual-channel mode, over clock-able to 1066MHz. With Intel P35 Express Chipset’s optimized system memory capabilities and chipset over-speed removed attain maximized over-clocking performance. The Shuttle XPC Prima SP35P2 Pro comes with standard 8-channel high definition audio solution enjoy your game from any direction.

Shuttle OASIS Cooling Technology allows you to over-clock further while keeping all your main components cool, with fan-less heat-sinks dissipating all the excess heat while you enjoy a stable and silent operation. The Shuttle XPC Prima SP35P2 Pro is equipped with 80 PLUS certified power supplies, with at least 80% energy-efficiency it is 33% more efficient than current power supplies.