SiS671FX-based Motherboard Fujitsu T671ME-FJ Enters Mass Production

SiS today announced that the SiS671FX chipset, which is designed and developed to bring customers to the world of Windows Vista, has been used in Fujitsu T671ME-FJ motherboard. Besides, this highly efficient product has entered mass production process. To optimize the efficiency of Fujitsu T671ME-FJ, the advanced SiS671FX chipset features supporting Intel Core 2 Duo, Celeron D, and Pentium 4 processors. Also, it supports DDR2-667 memory, and high bandwidth up to 5.3GB/s. As for the graphics performance, which is the biggest concern of most gamers, SiS671FX is integrated with the Mirage™3 graphics engine enabling to deliver perfect 2D and 3D performances. Furthermore, the SiS671FX supports one PCI Express x16 slot for customers’ easily using any add-on graphics card. The PCI Express x16 slot delivers bandwidth up to 4GB/s for each direction.

The SiS671FX chipset has been certified for Window Vista. In order to match the features of Windows Vista , the SiS671FX chipset is particularly designed to support all the requirements so that the system will be more secure, reliable, and easy to use.