SiSM661GX-Based DELL EC280 Low-Cost PC

SiS announced the cooperation with DELL to develop the latest low-cost PC EC280 by integrating the SiSM661GX chipset. DELL EC280 is targeted to attract those PC users to make their first PC purchase, and it’s also a perfect implement to create more business opportunity on those emerging countries.The size of DELL EC280 is very mini– only as one-eighth size as the regular ATX chassis, which is about 4.5 liter. By integrating the SiSM661GX chipset as a core of its Mini-iTX motherboard, DELL EC280 has all the basic PC functions. The extra power-saving feature of SiSM661GX pairing with the Intel Celeron M 205 FSB400MHz processors and DDR 512/256 memory enable make the DELL EC280 only consumes 65watts per minute. By setting a reasonable price, DELL EC280 can perfectly answer to those buyers who are looking for their 1st PCs.

Even in such a tiny size, DELL EC280 has full selection of feature list to satisfy users’ needs. Such as office document editing, multimedia playing, photo processing, online web-surfing, and e-mailing. All these great feature make DELL EC280 a perfect solution for office computing and basic home entertaining usage.