SK Hynix announces worlds’ Fastest 8Gb Graphics DRAM (GDDR6)

SK Hynix today announced the world’s fastest 2Znm 8Gb (Gigabit)GDDR6(Graphics DDR6) DRAM. The 8Gb Graphics DRAM operates with an I/O data rate of 16Gbps (Gigabits per second) per pin, which is the industry’s fastest. With a forthcoming high-end graphics card of 384-bit I/Os, this DRAM processes up to 768GB(Gigabytes) of graphics data per second. GDDR is specialized DRAM for processing an extensive amount of graphics data quickly according to what graphics cards command in PCs, workstations, video players and high performance gaming machines.

GDDR6 is a next generation graphics solution under development of standards at JEDEC, which runs twice as fast as GDDR5 having 10% lower operation voltage. As a result, it is expected to speedily substitute for GDDR5 and GDDR5X. GDDR6 is regarded as one of necessary memory solutions in growing industries such as AI(Artificial Intelligence), VR(Virtual Reality), self-driving cars, and high-definition displays over 4K to support their visualization. SK Hynix plans to mass produce the product for a client to release high-end graphics card by early 2018 equipped with high performance GDDR6 DRAMs.

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