SK Hynix Unveils Next-Generation Faster and Long Lifespan SSD for Data Center

SK Hynix introduced a new solid state drive (SSD) for data centers using Zone Namespaces (ZNS) software technology for the first time in the industry, at the Open Compute Project (OCP) Global Summit technology forum held in San Jose, Calif. The new solid state drive (SSD) for data centers boasts faster data processing and an extended lifespan. The software technology divides the storage capacity of the SSD into several zones for improved data storage management.

ZNS SSDs data processing is about 30 percent faster and they have about a four times longer lifespan compared to previous SSDs. SK hynix will complete the development of the ZNS technology-based SSD by the end of 2019 and will commercialize it within the first half of 2020.

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