SMART 4GB PC2 DDR2 Mini-Registered DIMM

Smart Modular Technologies introduced the industry’s first 4GB PC2-4200 244-pin DDR2 Mini-Registered DIMM (RDIMM) designed using CoolFlex and Dual Die Package (DDP) technology. SMART’s 4GB DDR2 Mini-RDIMM is configured as 512Mx72 with the option of utilizing either a 4-rank module using SMART-built 1Gb (256Mx4) DDPs, or a 2-rank module using 256Mx4 BGA DDR2 SDRAMs. This option provides OEMs the flexibility to transition from the 4-rank 512Mb-based option to the 2-rank 1 GB-based option as market demand drives the price crossover point between 512Mb and 1 GB devices. This new RoHS-compliant memory module is the industry’s first 4GB DDR2 Mini-RDIMM designed with CoolFlex foldable PCB technology. CoolFlex allows for doubling the memory capacity with 36 DRAM placements on four sides.

The new 4GB DDR2 Mini-RDIMM is also designed with two registers and two Phase Locked Loops for reduced loading and improved signal integrity.