SMART Introduces Industry’s First Non-Stacked/Non-DDP DDR2 2GB VLP Registered DIMM

SMART Modular Technologies), has introduced CoolFlex DDR2 2GB very low profile (VLP) 0.72” registered DIMM (RDIMM). This new memory module uses folded PCB technology to double memory capacity and eliminate the need for stacked or multi-die Drams. Specifically designed to be cost-effective, smart’s CoolFlex DDR2 2GB VLP RDIMM is aimed at mainstream blade-server, ATCA telecom, and network computing applications. The new CoolFlex DDR2 2GB VLP RDIMM is configured as 256Mx72 and uses mainstream standard 128Mx4 BGA DRAMs with a speed grade of 5300 (DDR2-400, 533, 667).Smart’s complete lineup of registered CoolFlex DDR2 DIMMs and FBDIMMs features an innovative foldable PCB technology. The benefits of this unique approach include twice as much surface area for high-density modules, a thermal aluminum core for optimized cooling, improved electrical performance with better timing margins, high durability and reliability, and the avoidance of stacked or multi-die DRAMs

Smart’s new CoolFlex DDR2 2GB VLP RDIMM is especially well suited for use in space-constrained 1U and sub-1U blade server and network computing applications. The modules can be mounted vertically to save board space while still maintaining tight DIMM spacing to allow for proper system airflow. Smart is a leading independent designer, manufacturer and supplier of electronic subsystems to original equipment manufacturers.