Sofmap Desktop PC based on Mac Mini

Sofmap Japan has come out with super small-sized desktop PC “mini-personal computer” series 2 models based on the popular Mac Mini design. It is available in two configurations. The high end model mini P (SFW-AVM740/M5OS) runs on Pentium M 740 ( 1.73gHz), 60 GB Ultra ATA100, DVD-RW,while model mini C (SFW-SVM360/C8OS) runs on Celeron M 360 ( 1.40GHz), 40 GB UltraATA100, DVD-ROM/CD-RW(CD-RW16x).Both the models have Intel 915GM chip set mother board with integrated display ), 512MB DDR2-RAM(up gradable up to 1GB) with Windows XP Home Edition loaded. Common interface:- USB 2.0×2, IEEE 1394×1, Gigabit Ethernet, DVI-I and S video output.

The unit measures 165×165×50mm (width x depth x height) and comes with a 65 watt AC adapter. The mini PC will be available from February 7th with price tag for mini P approximately 104,800 yen and for mini C 79,800 ten.